Otago Harbour Amenities & Information

Charging Stations

For charging stations for your ebikes, please see the main map, or check with tour operators or eatery staff before you go if you think you may need a charge.


The cycleway is mainly flat except if you go from Portobello to Taiaroa Head, there are a couple of hills near the albatross colony.


The distance from Portobello to Port Chalmers by road is approx 38 kms.

For some people this may take approx 2 hours without and stops and light weather conditions.

The ferry crossong is approx 10 minutes onnSootychaser, or 2.4 kms across the harbour.

The vessel is partially enclosed and can be heated, capacity of up to 15 bikes and their riders.


Public toilets can be found at the following locations: Portobello by the playground, Broad Bay by the Boating Club, Dunedin at the base of steamer Basin, Port Chalmers main street, near the service station, Back Beach at Port Chalmers. And at most of the attractions and eateries. See main map for public toilets.

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Photo credit Dunedin Ebike Hire